Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Commercial Solar PV System for Reduce Your Electricity Bills

For Renewable Energy solution, install commercial solar PV electricity systems because it captures the energy via photovoltaic cells, and these cells do not need direct sunlight to produce the electricity for your commercial buildings in various sized and shapes. Solar PV panels convert the sunlight into usable energy using efficient inverter. Silicon based semi conducting material layers used in solar PV panels. 

Most of PV panels are made to fit on the existing rooftop. Even commercial solar PV systems can be installed for your home, which saves energy costs. It is recommended to hire CEC-accredited solar panel installers like ADS Solar in Sydney, Australia. They provide customized solar power solutions based on the size of system suited to your house or office and your electricity requirement per day. 

Commercial Solar PV: What are Benefits?

You can reduce the electricity expenses by up to value of 40% each year. Today’s solar PV cell often comes with 25 year of guarantees for durability. Switch into solar panels can be an expensive at initial level, it may cost between AU$2500 to AU$9500 for Grid-connected PV system installation and user would take around 8 to 10 years to pay off this installation cost. 

Commercial Solar PV

ADS solar ensure that you will not be worried about breaking down of any parts, and it is movable. Therefore, it requires minimum maintenance costs to generate electricity. Federal Parliament of Australia has come up with Gross Feed in Tariff (FiTs) scheme for renewable energy producers (generally a household) in NSW Australia. Under this incentive scheme, owner of the PV system will receive monthly credit per kWh produced solar energy for the coming 20 years. 

Now you might confused about why government gives you credit? Solar electricity which you produced that will not be totally used in home and half of it will be available to fed back to the grid and electricity supplier company is get paid you for every unit of electricity the PV system generates that you feed back to the grid. Hence, commercial solar PV system is helpful to get safe electricity and you have lower bills.