Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Tips to Install Solar Panels on Your Rooftop Safely

Install Solar Panels

People prefer to install solar panels that can generate self-sufficient electricity in much less expenses without any problem of fossil fuel shortage. Save your monthly utility bills and be independent of solar energy usage. PV (Photovoltaic) solar Panels were born in 1960’s and first developed for space program, but recently they have become one of the best options for not only to run home appliances but also other variety of commercial appliances as well. 

If you want to install solar panels on the roof of your building, then best time is when the house is being roofed. It is much easier to mount any PV solar panels, even there is less possibilities of roof leaks might appear in the future. You can hire expert solar installer, and ensure with secured installation with stainless steel lag bolts. 

In DIY solar installation, you should have careful attention in every detail. Still you might ask for online expert’s advice, if you don’t know how each and every task can be completed. Overall solar panels installation can be successful if you follow some of important safety tips: 

1) Check your roof condition, because it should be dry before install solar panels in it. 
2) If you climb into roof, you can steady yourself in the roof top. 
3) Scaffolding is better option instead of ladder for safe working. 
4) Do not wear jeweleries, or metal accessories while you installing solar panels. 
5) Always combine same voltage solar modules in parallel of solar panel system. 

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